Easily Design Publish & Analyze social media posts and stories

Simba is an all-in-one social media assistant for online shop owners. It helps users to create their social media posts using tailor-made templates and elements, schedule for publishing, and track their performance all in one place. By the time of writing, there is no alternative solution for it and it’s the first web application in the market with all three features needed for social media content creation, publishing and analyzing.


Our first challenge was the frontend development. We had to implement the image editor on the front layer to enable the user to create and edit posts. The architecture was very important. It had to be optimized to give the user a smooth experience. The app should have been developed to have high performance when running on different devices without crashes and pressure. We wanted to give the user a desktop app experience.
Our second challenge was on the backend side. The app should have been responsive with numerous numbers of users working with it and uploading files. With all of this, we needed to optimize our server’s expenses, too.


To solve the front layer issues, we decided to use React developing language. And, to make the backend run without any problems, we used NodeJS typescript. For in-memory data structure store, we used Redis and for the database program, we used MongoDB.


Design and developing Simba was one of the challenging experiences we had and yet one of the greatest one. The resulting SaaS application gives users a seamless experience. The app is one of a kind and we continue to develop it based on the market feedback.