MaaS Platform For The Future Cities

Rekab is one of the biggest and foremost projects that 6thSolution team embarked upon. It is a mobility startup for the enterprise. Rekab provides citizens with trip planning and on-demand transportation services. We started this project to help public transportation services, citizens, and also the environment. Rekab is a work in progress. Every milestone that we reach, we plan a new challenging feature to make it a perfect fit for the future cities.


Our first challenge was developing trip planning. Since it’s a complex feature in the backend side, we had to put a lot of time and resources to make it perfect.
Another challenge we faced during this project was designing the user interface. We had to come up with a design that works seamlessly and smoothly on users’ devices. And also, it had to respond to the users needs and interests.


We implemented the app using Flutter. We chose this programming language to lower the delivery time and maintenance costs.

To design the perfect user interface in the frontend layer, we tried 4 different versions with several test groups. Also, we had 5 iterations on each of them regarding their feedback from test groups.


It took us 2 years to complete MaaS v.2.0. We continue developing and ideating Rekab to make it the best solution for every city.  We have developed 3 apps for the city, drivers and the city officials. all of them work properly and gives the user, an experience of a lifetime.