Little Joy Agenda

Facilitating the process of developing mental health skills

Little Joys Agenda is a tool that helps users bring tiny happy activites to their lives and make it a dynamic adventure towards their goals. ih’s got planned joyful actions for each day that are bound to keep them on the right track of positivity and gratitude for the small things!


Our main challenge in this project was the delivery time and budget limitations. With this in mind we had to come up with a solution to deliver the app on time and with no further expenses coming along our design and development process. Moreover, the project required an outstanding Ui and UX design to reflect the bands visions and missions. We had to work on the design to help maintaining our clients position in the market.


The project’s requirements led us to choose hybrid mobile app development to meet the deadline and deliver a high-quality product that works smoothly on major OS platforms. We used Flutter to develop the application. In some cases, we had to use native libraries to proceed the project and meet requirements.We also used Flutter libraries to implement design required animations. We were completely on schedule to deliver¬† the app for both iOS and Android devices. It took us one month to complete the project as it was required


The resulting application brought our client a new product in sync with their goals and visions. The Colorful Zone team was thrilled with the way the design represented the brand, stories, and values that makes the company unique.