Create and watch your own personalized channels

Feedeos allows users to create fully customized and personalized channels to watch their favourite videos on different categories without being interrupted by ads or unrelated videos.  They ai to make video viewing on mobile devices super easy, practical, and lightning-fast.


The app required video processing in the client layer to make video streaming happen in different ways. Our first challenge was to find a way to develop a responsive app for different devices (e.g., old and outdated devices) and give users a smooth experience.

Our second challenge was finding ways to implement the animations and interactions that the UI and UX designers considered for the app.

Our biggest challenge for this project, regarding its startup nature, was how to develop the app to be responsive after change requests. After launching, the app should be optimized based on market feedback. So, it will have change requests.


With all the challenges in mind, we chose to use native app development we used a variety of libraries to edit the videos. We implemented all the interactions and animations seamlessly and the result was exactly how it was pictured in the first place.


The result is a quick and lean mobile app that loads fast and presents easily digestible information. 6thSolution developed Feedeos app and delivered its first version in 3 months and its second version in 4 months.