With the Global Fitness App Market estimated to grow at 21% for 2021-2028, it’s the best time to make your own fitness app. When you want to make any kind of app, it’s very important to know your market and the latest trends. The same thing goes for when you want to develop a fitness app in 2021. Even if you’re still at the stage of coming up with fitness app ideas, it’s good to know why you should do it in the first place.

Now, why would you want to create a fitness app? You might be thinking about the idea of making a workout plan app, but still have questions like “How do you develop a fitness app in 2021?” or “Do fitness apps make money?”. Well, we’ve gathered a thorough list of 3 main reasons why 2021 is the best time to make your own fitness app.

1- Growth of Health and Fitness Apps During the Pandemic
2- Home Fitness Getting More Popular
3- Fitness Apps Being the Most Economic Option

1. Growth of Health and Fitness Apps During the Pandemic

  • In 2020, health and fitness apps were downloaded 46% more worldwide. In India, this number rose as high as 156%. Turns out, when people are unable to go outside- to run, to go to the gym, or to get a personal trainer- they turn to mobile devices for help.
  • According to a survey with 2000 American participants, the number of members, weekly workouts, and community interactions increased over the past year. Moreover, 72% thought it was easier to manage their fitness routine and work from home at the same time.
  • The popularity of health and fitness apps went so far that 56% of the users decided to cancel their gym memberships. Apart from that, the participants used 2 fitness apps and took 4 workout courses on average during the pandemic.
  • But being bored and wanting to maintain their fitness routines weren’t the only reasons why people chose to use fitness mobile app designs during the lockdown. 70% of Americans used these apps as a coping mechanism during COVID-19.
  • The important thing is, however, that they didn’t stop using these apps after it was over. The pandemic has changed the way people think about fitness- it’s more accepted, more normal to work out at home, and more people believe that it actually works for them.


2. Home Fitness Getting More Popular

  • If you want to develop a fitness app, it’s important to consider why certain people prefer them to the gym. The thing is, as our society evolves, people get busier and busier. It seems like every day, there’s more to be done than yesterday. Because of this, most people don’t have the time to go to the gym or hire a personal trainer.
  • Obviously, because a lot of people have complicated lives due to work, they prefer a fitness routine that’s simple and productive.
  • That’s why quick, efficient health and fitness apps are what busy people pick over gyms and personal trainers.
  • Creating your best fitness app design for people who are on the go is a great bet because they come back to your app more often than not. After all, most people need a little activity in their lives, and what’s better than a workout to make the day?
  • According to Flurry, more than 75% of active users open their health and fitness apps 2 times a week, while 25% of them use the apps more than 10 times in the same period.
  • Now, while you’re on the path to developing a fitness app in 2021, you need to make sure that it’s the app they choose to download, keep, and come back to.

How? We’ll get to it later in this article.


3. Fitness Apps Being the Most Economic Option

  • It takes time and effort to develop a fitness app, but with more and more people considering using these apps instead of going to the gym, it will be more than worth it to make your own fitness app.
  • Yes, it’s true; health and fitness apps have always been cheaper than going to the gym. However, apps are only good and varied enough to compete with gyms “now”.
  • With all these workout apps to choose from, people are finding it harder to spend hundreds of dollars on gym memberships. According to The Hustle, the average amount of gym fees in the US is 696$ each year. This would be a good deal if people went to the gym every day, but they don’t.
  • Based on a study done by two economists, people only go to the gym 4.17 times a month on average. This number alone makes gyms a waste of money nowadays.
  • Statistic Brain Research Institute also reported that 63% of the gym memberships don’t even get used.
  • With that said, the flexible and economical option of health and fitness apps in 2021 is more preferable.

Naturally, if you plan to develop a fitness app in 2021, now is the best time to begin. Here at 6thSolution, we can make a fitness app that not only rivals gyms and personal trainers but also outshines them, using your vision and our expertise.
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