Whatever age your audience is, it’s always recommended that you do the research before creating health and fitness apps for them. It’s no secret that age plays a significant part [ how to make a fitness app for a younger audience] in how you deliver your fitness app design- the user experience, graphics, courses, and even marketing all depend on it.

When you want to develop health and fitness apps for seniors, you should find out important statistical information. For example, 4 out of 10 seniors own a smartphone these days, creating the opportunity for you to make a fitness app design they demand.

Another thing is the importance of exercise and fitness for people over 60. Not only does physical activity keep seniors healthy and in shape, but it also improves mental health and social well-being. So, the need is there, making you the perfect business to develop a fitness app for this market.

In this article, we’re going to talk about major tips for creating health and fitness apps for older adults, plus some great examples for inspiration.

What Are the Best Exercises for People Over 60?

What Should Your Fitness App Design Have?

Inspiring Health and Fitness Apps for Seniors

How can you top other health and fitness apps?

  • What Are the Best Exercises for People Over 60?

Some of the best exercises for seniors include:

1 Yoga
2 Walking
3 Cycling
4 Aerobics
5 Pilates
6 Body Weight Workouts

Exercises like this are mostly affordable, easy to do at home, and good for both physical and mental health. All in all, exercises that focus on flexibility, balance, and improving general body strength need to be included in health and fitness apps for seniors.

  • What Should Your Fitness App Design Have?

1. Convenience

Older adults tend to like simpler designs when it comes to health and fitness apps. For them, using your fitness app design should replace going to the gym (which can be difficult and time-consuming). For that reason, courses should be easy to follow, understandable, and not too intense.

In addition, your fitness app design should use contrasting colors and large fonts that are more practical to the eyes of older adults. Plus, try to use simple technology in your app, because many older adults may not be comfortable working with technology.

In brief, keeping everything simple and visual will make your fitness app design more accessible to an older audience.

2. Community

Because almost one-third of people over 60 live alone, a place where they can find like-minded friends will be a great addition to your app. In general, health and fitness apps that help people connect to others are more popular, because the users can have a place to chat, buddy up for reaching a certain fitness goal, and exchange advice.

Besides, connecting to others through health and fitness apps helps boost mental well-being for older adults. They tend to leave the house on rare occasions, so they will be attracted to a fitness app that not only helps them stay healthy but also provides them with opportunities to belong to a community.

3. Nutrition and Reminders

A healthy meal plan is no doubt one of the most integral parts of life for seniors. Typically, the diet for people over 60 requires certain modifications and necessities- making it a great opportunity for you to create health and fitness apps that have custom meal plans. Each nutrition plan can focus on different dietary needs, and keep your users healthier as a result.

Reminders are another feature that can set your fitness app design apart from other health and fitness apps. You can add quite a few of these to make your app more detailed and recognizable. For example, create options for users to track their water, coffee, wine, or sugar intake. You can even help them track their medication if they need to.

  • Inspiring Health and Fitness Apps for Seniors

1. Strava
It’s an app for cycling that helps the user track rides and measure their progress. Its UX/UI is designed in a way [inspiring UIs] that is very easy to navigate through with a few taps.

2. MapMyWalk

This app takes something as boring as walking and creates excitement and motivation through variety. Users can choose different routes to walk, and even find routes other people have liked in their area.

3. Freeletics

This is one of the best health and fitness apps in general, and it requires little equipment. Its short at-home workouts are simple, practical, and convenient.

4. Simply Yoga

The exercises in this app can fit anyone with any fitness level. There are also video and audio instructions to guide the users throughout the whole workout session.

  • How can you top other health and fitness apps?

Of course, the key to developing a fitness app that’s successful is research, innovation, and a trustworthy team of professional developers. Here at 6thSolution, we help you make your own fitness app for any age demographic while having a thorough understanding of the market for each age group.

We’d love to talk to you about your fitness app ideas and goals- you can have a free consultation with us today.