With workout apps making up 73% of all health and fitness apps, it’s time for coaches to create a fitness app of their own.

You Will Create a Unique Community
You Can Implement Your Own Ideas and Experiences
You Will Introduce A Healthier Approach To Fitness

The usage of health and fitness apps has grown by more than 330% in the past six years, which shows that their popularity is on the rise. After the pandemic, this number grew even higher. All in all, it seems that people are using these apps more than ever, and the demand for fresh creators to develop fitness app increases by the day.

As a fitness coach, where do you fit in? With health and fitness apps being easy and accessible ways to transfer your knowledge and expertise, it seems like a good idea to make your own app in 2021. Here, we have gathered a list of 3 main reasons why people would benefit from your fitness app design.


1. You Will Create a Unique Community

Establishing a relationship with your target audience is certainly key when you create a fitness app. Here are some tips that can help you achieve this:

  • Community and togetherness are some of the main reasons that make people stick to a favorite app. Research has also shown that people who work out in a community tend to reach their fitness goals faster. Needless to say, when people feel as though they belong to a group of like-minded people, they’re more motivated to achieve their goals.
  • This leads us to why a unique community of your own will be beneficial when you develop a fitness app: simply put, your vision can give people a direction to follow in fitness. By expanding that sense of community through your fitness app design, you will make your users train better and more efficiently.
  • After years of experience in the field of fitness, it’s only natural for a coach to be able to create a fresh mission for the people in their fitness community.
  • Your expertise can help to develop a fitness app that resonates with people’s goals while including people from all backgrounds and being welcoming to whoever wishes to live a healthier life.

“The Personal Trainer industry in the US grew 2.4% each year from 2015-2020.”


2. You Can Implement Your Own Ideas and Experiences

  • Nowadays, if you want to make your own fitness app, you have to add some features to it that other apps lack. Good user engagement and experience are essential for having a successful fitness app design.
  • As a fitness coach, you will put your own spin on your fitness app design. Ordinary parts of health and fitness apps such as activity tracking, goals tracking, or social sharing can all have your own unique thoughts behind them.
  • This is exactly what makes people connect with a certain fitness app design: they feel that it has character, that it is different and better from other apps. A fitness coach can make this happen.
  • You may choose to make a touch-free app for training to make the process of a workout easier, or even make the fitness mobile app design interactive in a new and exciting way. It’s all up to you, and your expertise and our help make sure it’s done perfectly.

“Because many people need to access courses that are taught by professional fitness coaches, the online personal fitness industry market has seen a $6 million growth in 2019. The market is set to reach $59 million by 2027.”


3. You Will Introduce A Healthier Approach To Fitness

  • There are countless apps available today that have no professionals working on them. This can cause many people to follow the wrong instructions; some may not even be able to understand the correct way of doing an exercise.
  • As a professional who constantly updates their knowledge about different exercises and their effects on the body, you can be sure never to mislead your audience when you want to develop a fitness app.
  • In fact, your experience can show them the correct way of exercising, and your advice can be priceless for those who want to stick to specific fitness goals.


All in all, it takes effort and experience to create a fitness app. However, with the help of our experts here at 6thSolution, you can make a workout plan app that not only works but stands out among the best.
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