You have wanted to make your own fitness app, have thought about what you want it to be and what your brand represents, and have put in a lot of time and effort to make that app a reality. Now, you’ve got a fitness mobile app design that is exactly what you want. It’s time for the next step.

What’s that?

Well, just “making” a fitness app isn’t enough. Once it’s ready to be used, you have to start improving both the app and the relationship between you and your audience.

Here are 6 ways to impress your audience and improve your brand after you develop a fitness app so that more and more people will download and use your app on a daily basis.

1- Build Your Online Presence
2- Stay Consistent
3- Present Your App
4- Expand
5- Provide Good Customer Service
6- Build Trust
To develop a fitness app and beyond

1. Build Your Online Presence

Nowadays, so much time is spent on social media, which makes it the perfect place to socialize with the audience of your fitness app design. Make the users feel involved in your brand– encourage them to share, comment on, and try your app.

It’s also great to create a safe space for them to give feedback on your app design and rate it. Remember: user engagement isn’t just about telling them how great your fitness app design is. Be genuine, and let your audience know all you want is for them to live healthier lives. This alone will increase their trust in your brand, and also your download rate as a result.

2. Stay Consistent

The voice of your brand should fit the persona of your fitness mobile app design. It all depends on your target audience- what is their age group? What’s their socioeconomic background?

Doing research helps in understanding the audience better when you make a fitness app. Choose your language well and in accordance with them, and stick to that voice if your audience doesn’t change.

3. Present Your App

Now, “you” know how amazing and useful your mobile app design is, but your users need to understand that, too. How can you show them that? Well, one way is the descriptions on App Store and Play Store. These are the first places where most people find your app, and if it’s not eye-catching, clever, and to the point, they will download other health and fitness apps instead.

The description should be unique to your app design while being strategic with keywords. Keywords lift your app up in the app listings, increasing visibility as a result. In addition to this, detail the great features of your app and try to make it sound and look different from other health and fitness apps.

4. Expand

This applies to both marketing and app development. Now that your app is out, market it on certain platforms based on your target audience. Use social media as we mentioned, but don’t limit your marketing to that- blogs and online magazines can also help attract users.

In addition, work on adding newer and better features to your fitness mobile app design: perhaps it could be optimized in some ways? Could you add AI implementation for a more personalized experience? Or maybe you could design a piece of wearable technology that enhances the user experience? The sky’s your limit.

5. Provide Good Customer Service

Let me give you a piece of advice: users usually need one single bad experience with your fitness mobile app design to abandon it; so don’t give them that. Offering good customer service is something that a lot of brands don’t pay much attention to, but it’s one of the key reasons why people stay with an app. (Or decide against it!)

One of the most important actions to take here is to provide easy access to support for your users. That is to say, create a help icon that’s easy to find, and offer a few ways through which they can receive that help.

6. Build Trust

You can achieve this by using different methods, but the main method is to always put the user first. Ask them whenever you want to collect any piece of personal information, and give them a choice when you want to collect their data.
Check this page out for good ways of asking people for their data.

One other way of building trust is letting the user know who’s behind your app. If you have a team of professional fitness coaches, mention this in a place that’s easy to see. Certainly, showing off what you’ve got works wonders. (But don’t overdo it!)

To develop your fitness app and beyond

Making any type of health and fitness app requires patience and expertise. Our experts at 6thSolution are prepared to go down the path of developing your fitness app with you and recommend the best plan for creating and improving your fitness mobile app design.

Contact us for a free consultation. We’ll discuss your plans, costs, and make absolutely sure to develop a fitness app with standout features.