The rise in demand for a creative and good fitness app design has been more noticeable in the last few years. With so many businesses investing in fitness app ideas and app development, 2021 is the best time for catching up, if you haven’t already.

According to Statista, funding by investors in the digital health industry has been $ 21.6 billion in the past decade, and it is bound to rise. Where does your brand fit in? If you want to develop a fitness app, there’s no better timing than this. But to make your own fitness app, you need to know the essential features that every app should have.

Here, we have listed 5 major features that every fitness app design has to include. If your app doesn’t have these features, it’s more likely to be ignored when people scroll through app listings.

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1- Getting Started
2- Planning
3- Letting The Workout Begin
4- Evaluation and Tracking
5- Diet Plans and Food Logging

1. Getting Started

The first stage of any good fitness app design is signing up. You might think that this isn’t such a necessary option. People can still use an app if they don’t have an account, right?

Well, for one thing, this feature helps you get personal data from the user, which can be very helpful when you want to develop a fitness app and know your target audience. Secondly, you can begin building trust and establishing a relationship from here.

However, you need to be caring while asking for personal information. Try to earn the trust of your users from the get-go. Most importantly, with this feature, you get to know your user’s fitness goals, body measurements, and workout preferences. That’s important information that can help you a lot with your fitness app design and brand plans.


2. Planning

Now that your users have signed up and joined your unique community, it’s time to schedule fitness plans. It’s also important to remember that, the navigation through courses, exercises, and training sessions should be simple in the fitness app design.

In other words, it should be simple and convenient to add courses to their workout routine. Having said that, the UX (or user experience) depends on a few factors:

  • Firstly, the performance of the app should be smooth and quick.
  • Secondly, the fitness app design shouldn’t be busy with letters; mostly icons will do.
  • And thirdly, the overall structure of these steps should be easily understandable for anyone.


3. Letting The Workout Begin

This is where you use photos, audio guides, gifs, instructional videos, or animation for the exercises. With this feature in your fitness app design, the user will know how to complete different workouts exactly as they should be done. One other, more creative way of doing this is by having a fitness coach live stream the workouts.

A clean list of exercises or workout routines can exist in this part of your fitness app design so that the user can easily access the ones they want. A huge library of workouts could be very beneficial for you here because people tend to want variety; which means they’ll choose health and fitness apps that can deliver a range of exercises.


4. Evaluation and Tracking

The information you obtained at the beginning (the signing-up stage) is useful here. With a clear plan and thorough exercises, the user can now track their progress using your fitness app design. This stage can be quite innovative in how the evaluation is done.

One thing you can do is to add entertaining quizzes so that your users know how much progress they have made based on their unique build and metabolism.

Tracking is usually done manually, but some health and fitness apps that work with wearable technology can also get tracking information directly from the user.
This information can be things like:

  • Exercise details
  • Calories burned
  • Heart rate
  • Steps taken
  • Stairs climbed
  • How they feel after each workout
  • Weekly and monthly charts
  • Weight lost

5. Diet Plans and Food Logging

Whether your users have chosen your fitness app design for losing weight or building muscle, chances are, they need a nutrition plan too. Make it super easy to find and add different meals, and let the users add their own food as well.

Another helpful part of this feature could be a library full of various recipes for different fitness goals. Not only is this going to help your users achieve their goals faster, but it also adds a layer to your fitness app design that puts it one step ahead of other health and fitness apps.

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